4th Cycle for Science

May 1st to May 7th 2024


We would like to invite you to take part in the "Cycling for Science" (CFS) bike tour in Lombardy, Italy. This unique cycling tour is designed for Orthopedic Surgeons from all over the world who are passionate about promoting healthy living and preventing sports injuries. The tour will take place from May 1st to May 7th 2024. During these days you will have the opportunity to cycle through the beautiful Lombardy region while enjoying stunning views and challenging yourself physically. Additionally, you will have the chance to connect with fellow healthcare professionals and exchange knowledge and insights related to sports medicine and Orthopedics. We hope you will join us in this exciting adventure in the phantastic landscapes close to Milan. The biannual ESSKA- Meeting will be opened immediately after the peleton arrival in Milan with handing over the ESSKA- sceptre at the opening ceremony.

Hope to see you all in Milan!

Roland Becker (president of ESSKA)
Wolfgang Nebelung (organisation CFS)

we carry on

2024 will already be the fourth edition of Cycle for Science, in which we carry the ESSKA Congress torch from Paris to Milan.

The importance of excercise

In 2016, a group of orthopaedic surgeons and members of the Ankle Platform rode from the 2014 ESSKA hosting city, Amsterdam, to the 17th biennial ESSKA Congress in Barcelona. As organised by Prof. C. Niek van Dijk and his AMC faculty, the tour had a two-fold task — to raise awareness about the importance of exercise, and to raise money for the ESSKA Foundation to support research.


Date Stage Nr Stage Details
01.05.24 Arrival Afternoon: warm up   Evening: come together   Hotel Milano
02.05.24 1 Milan to Varese 97 km climbs 600 m Hotel Varese
03.05.24 2 Varese to Bergamo 114 km climbs 870 m Hotel Bergamo
04.05.24 3 Bellagio to Bellagio
90 km climbs 1620 m Hotel Bergamo
05.05.24 4 Bergamo to Salo 106 km climbs 1670 m Hotel Salo
06.05.24 5 Salo to Brescia 96 km climbs 1810 m Hotel Brescia
07.05.24 6 Brescia to Milan 105 km climbs 350 m
07.05.24 Finale Opening ESSKA Congress 2024

More details about the tour and the hotels will follow.
Map of the route
Map showing the route

Why such a Tour?

Prof C. Niek van Dijk explained: "Every two years ESSKA holds its Congress, which moves from city to city. In 2014 it was Amsterdam, where I was Congress President, and in 2016 it was Barcelona. I had the idea of conveying something symbolic from one venue to the next, as they do for the Olympics with the Olympic torch. Maybe, by carrying the Congress Sceptre, we could create another tradition for ESSKA. And what better way, than by cycling with a group of international surgeons?!

At the same time we wanted to emphasise the universal importance of exercise to prevent disease. Think of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, COPD, obesity, also osteoarthritis. Physical activity is one of the best treatments for OA, and it keeps joints healthy in the first place. Moderately intense exercise, five times a week, helps joints stay limber and strengthens the muscles that support and stabilise ankles, knees and hips. Exercise is also a key factor in weight control."

Get some impressions from our last tour.

Join in

For the first three editions, we had cycling-surgeons from all over the world; from China, India, Egypt, US, and most of all a variety of European countries including Ukraine and Russia; and with varying degrees of expertise (cycling expertise, that is!). Given the length of the stages and the 7500 meters altitude, we expect trained cyclists for the 2024 tour.

Please join us for this fantastic event preceding the 21st ESSKA Congress in Milan 2024.

Niek van Dijk and Wolfgang Nebelung
Cycle for Science Tour organisers


Participation fee *
The price includes rooms (single or double - for shared use), supplies (breakfast, dinner, snacks and soft drinks for the tour), conference rooms for scientific meetings, storage rooms for bicycles, branded jerseys, guides, tour escorts and organisation. Insurance: Participants are required to take out their own health insurance. By registering for the event, you confirm that you have appropriate insurance to cover any health problems during the cycle tour.

ESSKA Member - single room € 2400.00 incl. 19 % VAT.
ESSKA Member - double room (1 person) € 2100.00 incl. 19 % VAT.
ESSKA non-Member - single room € 3300.00 incl. 19 % VAT.
ESSKA non-Member - double room (1 person) € 3000.00 incl. 19 % VAT.

Bicycle *
Please note that cycle helmets, glasses, clothing, shoes, etc. are not provided. You must bring your own. The bike hire only includes the bike and insurance.

Bike rental € 480.00 incl. 19 % VAT.

If you are interested in participating in this event and would like to register your interest and receive further information, when available, please complete the form using the button below.



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